Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Hiatus

It would seem that summer is half gone and we have neglected to do much blogging. Rhododendron season has pretty much come and gone, with only a few blooms left on the late blooming azaleas and R. maximum.
We went through a reasonably painless transition to a new computer last week. Some new things need a bit of practice or just need to find a slightly different approach to old things. One of the new things I came across was Microsoft's collage maker. I have been having a bit of fun experimenting with a trial version of the software. I have succumbed to a little purchase of the full version.
Here is an image representing late rhodies and azaleas(~July22). These look quite nice when viewed full-screen. New pics don't have the less than aesthetic waterspot!

Our weather has been very summery, but also quite dry. All would benefit from a good rain. Daylily season is upon us, so they are a bit different each day. 

There has been a continuous presence of he red lily beetle all season. some lilies have suffered some damage, others are relatively unscathed.
We were surprised to find a group of trumpet lilies in bloom a day or two ago. They are seedlings Bill planted a few years ago, presumably from Pink Perfection. They seem quite uniform from plant to plant, but are a bit darker than the parent lily. Bill added some staking so they wouldn't flop too much.

Lilium canadense is also in bloom right now. We wish they would get a bit more robust within the group. There is another with more stalks, we think is L. superbum which will bloom a week or two later.

The hot sunny weather seems to agree with the bees. They have been quite abundant amongst the coneflowers and lavender.

We were blessed with a lovely addition to our family in late June. Little grandson Nate was born June 25th. Quite a change of lifestyle for the new parents, but all are getting along very well.
The other half of the family has headed west, so had a little farewell visit a week or two ago.