Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November hasn't been too bad!

November is usually THE most unfavourite month, but so far it has been quite pleasant from a weather standpoint.
The essential garden chores have been done.  The bulbs have been planted. The stray plants have been stowed in the "ditch" for the winter. The pots of peonies slated for our spring sale have also been "entrenched".
We always have things that can be done , it seems.
There are still lots of colorful contrasts, such as the bronze foliage of the PJM rhododendrons and the foxglove foliage.
Bill has been very busy doing some edging and trucking manure for some much needed top-dressing.

Posting from I-Google

I just noticed this little box on I-Google. I very likely had it put here, but hadn't paid much attention. Expcect there isn't much flexibility from this posting standpoint.
I did discover it doesn't recognize image code!
An after the fact image insertion.