Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glorious "Glories" and other spring goodies.

One of thousands of Glory of the Snow in bloom just now.
The corydalis 'George Baker' seems to be the very first perennial to bloom here. We have another pinker one just out called 'Beth Evans'. It is new this spring.
Our groups of Hellebores have been blooming very early and nicely this year. It is pleasant to see their foliage come through a winter not looking so decrepit.
The February Daphne are in full bloom mode....also very fragrant on a warm day. Bill has been potting up quite a number of these for our Plant Sale which is coming up in mid-May. That little project will keep us pretty well occupied most days. It is a challenge to do some real garden tasks along with the prep for the sale. We are hoping the very early season may give us more days. 
We have quite a lot of things potted up. These peonies spent the winter in a ditch, but all seem to be putting out nice new shoots. Hopefully there won't be too many hard frosts to threaten those shoots. Peonies are pretty hardy though.
We have to worry more about the tops of the Crown Imperial Fritillaria freezing. We have been covering them for several cold nights this week.
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