Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Late Start to 2012

This winter of 2012 has progressed in quite a speedy and rather benign fashion.... not too cold, not too snowy. We now have a modest bit of snow cover, so hopefully a few plants will enjoy a bit of insulation.
We have been busy with very utilitarian things for most of the time. Bill's rental unit in Antigonish was the recipient of a lot of restitution prior to getting new tenants. It was a bit like going back to work. Fortunately it only had to be for a month or so.

On a more casual note, we have the Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Soc. Seed Exchange on the go. Orders have started to arrive, so very soon the packaging will start.
The online list has quite a few seed lots that were not submitted early enough for the Newsletter version of the list.
There have been a few requests for our own Saved Seeds, so those have gone out.

I have also spent a bit of time each day perusing and contributing where possible to Jodi DeLong's new gardening forum Bloominganswers. There is also a link to the site just to the right of these posts.
All our gardening community were very saddened by the sudden death of Jodi's husband Lowell. She has been in our thoughts often as she goes through this difficult time.

We have pretty much done a bit of seed inventory, so are ready to make up our annual order for veggies and a few other things to Lindenberg Seed. We are always quite satisfied with the seeds and plants we receive from them.
Haven't spent much time "shopping" elsewhere, so maybe we won't get too sucked in to new things.
Restraint really would be a good thing. I have told myself that perhaps we could get a few new things, since we have part of the gulley bed to renovate after last fall's power pole fiasco.

Another of our avid Nova Scotia gardeners Niki Jabbour, has just had her new book published. The Year Round Vegetable Gardener is now available at a variety of locations. Her enthusiasm and skill at feeding her family from their garden all year is quite inspiring.