Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Update

Blogging has been pretty much neglected as this spring has barrelled along very speedily.
We had our usual business getting some plants off to Halifax for the ARHS Member Sale plus the quite large task of hosting our sale here at home on May19-20th. That event went well. The entire weekend cooperated with lovely weather.

Here is the view of some set up....Magnolia sieboldii potted up.
Plants arranged in the front yard....

We found quite a nice rhododendron while foraging in the nursery beds. From the ARS2003#113....'Helsinki University' x 'Kalinka'. The plant was dug and actually replanted in a proper spot.

The blooming of the rhododendrons is charging along, although this season has quite diminished flower buds. Some weather weirdness of last summer is likely responsible for far fewer flower buds on many plants. Still lots to look at and try to keep some tabs on.
We came across a very pretty bloom on a 2006 seedling. Records show it was from leftover seed from a 1999 exchange. 'Goldfort' x R. vernicosum(peach)....cross made by John Weagle. A branch was broken , so we brought it in for a bit of a bouquet.

The editor for this Blog is acting very strange today. Hard to say how this may actually translate!