Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Deluged by Digitalis

This summer has blessed us with MANY Digitalis.
We are having some mixed appreciation. They do make a good foreground for the Persicaria, which has its own lonely space.
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This last day of June has seen things growing very speedily after a lovely rain. Overall June has been quite dry.
The afternoon was spent purging many Bleeding Hearts, which had made themselves far too comfortable. Perhaps a bit of breathing room has been created.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some first day of summer treats

Summer is officially here according to the calendar. There are still lots of jobs to be done, but we  are getting there little by little. Regardless of what we do, the plants go ahead and bloom their heads off. 
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Some first day of summer treats - Garden Gallery - Canadian Gardening Forums

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rhododendron and Azalea Time

The bloom season for the rhodies and azaleas is in full swing. We have invited anyone who might enjoy them to come for a garden visit this Saturday and Sunday afternoon from~12-4PM.
It often seems that people are more liable to visit if there is a "perceived" event. "Busyness" still seems to be prevailing here at The Willow Garden. If the cold nights ever let up, some of the tender plants may actually get to their garden beds. 5C seems to be a not uncommon early morning temperature! We did have a nice respite last weekend while attending the ARHS Garden Tour and Potluck in the Liverpool/ Port Mouton area. There was a dedication and unveiling of a plaque at Pine Grove Park in Dick Steele's memory.  
We had quite a stroll through the lovely pine forest. It had been quite a few years since our last visit. Most of the rhododendrons were almost finished, but the azaleas were a riot of colour.
Rain descended in full force for much of the afternoon, but we still enjoyed garden visits in the area.
It was interesting to see some of our plants in Ruth's garden. Audrey's garden, as usual, was a masterpiece. The rainy weather somewhat inhibited the picture taking!
We had a brief visit to the rock garden at NSAC in Truro on our way home. It has matured considerably in the last few years. We don't seem to be adherents of alpine gardening, but do admire the efforts of others. I think I, at least, lack the discipline required.
I had quite an early morning walk to hopefully get some pics before the sun was too bright. It was a challenge to get a decent pic of this rather nice yellow rhodie we moved earlier this spring.
It has been a rather strange bloom season for the rhododendrons. Many plants are fully covered in bloom, but others had minimal bud set last summer.
There are always many surprises in store.
One of our favourite rhodies seedlings hails from 1992....we call her "Sproeten", which means "freckles" in Dutch. It is a cross of  Barbara Cook x Janet Blair.
This year she is at her blousy best.
The azaleas are getting to be in full glory.
We are patiently waiting for more blooms to open on Homebush. In the meantime Spicy Lights seems to be outdoing itself....the fragrance from this plant is wonderful. It is due for a haircut very soon. It is impeding traffic on the path through the back perennial bed. Perhaps a bouquet is in order.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Likely the last of tulip time

Spring is progressing and we are almost finished with tulips, but some are still very nice.
'Chameleon' has been a very entertaining one this year. It will be interesting to see if it makes a comeback next year. Tulips seem to have a mind of their own wrt perennializing!
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