Friday, February 29, 2008

The Late Valentine Bouquet

A bit late for Valentines Day, but still very much appreciated. This bouquet had all sorts of interesting floral bits. This also was a chance to experiment with clickable images. These seem to work , but any foray into the "html" realm is always dicey. These pics were taken a week and a half ago, so nothing is very up to date! The size factor needs a bit of tweaking. Images are linked to Photobucket, which is not being very cooperative these days. They seem to be having "issues" with new & improved photo editing. Alstromeria A very interesting "leaf" with jagged edges, the identity of which I have no clue , plus the very nice variegated "grass blade",these bits of grass seem to be prevalent in recent arrangements. We even have a nice white lily.... the image of which will not seem to appear!
The roses seemed a little out of place.
There were a couple of pale pink snapdragons, which in "captivity", don't have very vivid colour. There were 2 large pieces of a variegated evergreen, much like a daphne. It doesn't take much to entertain me these days!

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