Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Garden Bloggers Geography Project

Jodi DeLong has initiated a blogger's location survey( her logo above), so we can all put ourselves on the MAP! We are located about 15Km outside Antigonish, Nova Scotia in a rural area called Maryvale. It is located due North of Antigonish, and a stones throw from the waters of St George's Bay, and the Northumberland Strait. The "shore road," as we call it, is actually Route 245, and is a very scenic route towards the town of New Glasgow. We actually live on The Old Maryvale Road, which seems to some to be the middle of nowhere, but a few minutes of travel can quickly change that. The town of Antigonish is quite a bustling little town, the home of St. Francis Xavier University. In the fall and winter, the population has a decided increase. Welcome to "The Willow Garden" Here we are with directions a la Google Maps. View Larger Map

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jodi said...

Good to see you've joined in the fun too, Sharon and Bill. Your post on 'tree lilies' was also great--I couldn't leave a comment when I read it because Blogger was having one of its Blogger snitfits and gave me errors when I tried to comment. I got your link up on my website now. Three more days for homeworks to be in...;-)