Thursday, March 13, 2008

The March of Lions & Lambs

March has been here for almost two weeks, and has been the usual mix of weather; none of it particularly spring-like, except for a couple of very mild days. Daylight Savings Time has descended, so there is a lot of late light. It doesn't do much for the morning at this time of year. Gardening fever has not struck yet. We did order a number of things from Dominion Seeds, so the petunias from there will soon need attention. The usual 'Blue Wave' petunias that I rather enjoy in planters, and here and there through out the garden. Here are some of last years plants with a bit of Russian Sage.

I ordered a pack of Castor Bean seeds, a variety called 'Impala'.... has been years since I grew one. They do add an interesting structure to a garden bed. I succumbed to several items of plant material from Dominion, so hope they arrive in good order. I swore we needed no other dayliles, but orderd one called 'Big Smile'. (Pics from Dominion catalogue) Each year I pick up a few Osteospermum for planters, so ordered a few 'Asti White'. I couldn't find white ones when I was looking for them last year. If I was a bit swifter, I would grow them from seed! Bill had expressed an interest in Brugsmania, so we ordered 3 of a salmony shade... .....don't know if we need another plant to overwinter, but so be it.

I also stumbled across a pretty Euphorbia called 'Diamond Frost'. It has been quite sometime since we grew a paste tomato, so added a pack of Super Marzano Red to the order. I have been planning on growing some Meconopsis, but still haven't planted the seeds....they are a bit contrary to say the least. The seeds offered in this years Rhododendron Seed Echange were very popular, so lots of us gardeners are suckers for punishment. Here is a truly inspring pic from Jodi DeLong. I must re-read the growing directions that Sterling has passed along.

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