Monday, March 24, 2008

Bright Sunshine - a Stimulant

We were blessed with a bright, if cold, day today. It is quite deceptive to have the warm sun, and then be presented with very cold air.
The ground is still very firm, and temperatures are low enough that most of the Rhododendrons are still in "droop" mode.
The first hint of crocus were apparent(slightly) in the little bed next to the house. They pop up here first each year, making their way through the remains of the Nepeta.
Other than that there was not much in the way of spring activity. Some shoots of narcissus, and tulips are showing up here and there.
There are a few little flowers on some seedling Witch Hazel plants....these were a bit of a surprise. It has been too cold for must advancement.
I did plant a few seeds while in "stimulant" mode.

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