Monday, April 7, 2008

April may be past the "FOOL" stage

We have been blessed by two days of rather pleasant, if not overly warm, April weather.
The wander about the garden has given some cause for optimism.
Crocuses are in bloom here and there. This nice patch is usually ahead of the others.
There are signs of noses in the Hellebore patch. It is still quite cold where these particular ones are.
There would also appear to be a lot of work to do, but that is not exactly unusual for any spring. Lots of places are still quite wet, but our sandy soil dries up very quickly.
My usual first pursuit each spring is to do a bit of pruning....the PeeGee hydrangeas, the Annabelles, Buddleias, and miscellaneous roses all fall "under the ax".
Each year I wonder if I am doing the correct thing, but it doesn't seem to matter too much. It is likely I err on the "too little" direction, rather than "too much".

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