Friday, November 23, 2007

A slow week

This week has been rather slow in many respects.
We did get snowtires installed, which is a good thing, I guess.
Bill has been busy making Apple Wine the last week and a half, so perhaps we shall have to pursue that project.
We are quite disenchanted by the small number of seeds we have received for the Rhododendron Soc. Seed Exchange. I hope others magically appear in short order.
Word has it that the seeded Rhododendrons have mostly sprouted.....babies for Bill to nurture for another winter.
I have spent quite some time trying to pick out 10-12 pictures for the "show & tell" at the next Rhodie Meeting, quite the challenge with so many to choose from.
It seems we settled on pics of the plants we sent off to be propagated via the Society. This is one favourite we have nicknamed "Ruby Lemon".We chose a few azalea pics as well, they always make life a lot brighter in June.

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