Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bulb Planting Finished

The seasonal chore of bulb planting may have been finished yesterday.
We have been fairly restrained to this point, only putting in about 250 new bulbs, compared to a thousand last year.
I am of the opinion one can never have too many spring bulbs. They are among my very favourite plant categories.
One of several areas carpeted with many of the "tiny" bulbs....Scilla siberica , in this case.
The very vibrant tulip Praestans unicum. They are very bright and early, but deer love them.
Some mixed tulips I have a tendency to adopt favourites , and add more of some types each year. One such tulip is 'Spring Green', quite an elegant late bloomer that blends well with just about everything, especially rhododendrons. It is sometimes a bit of trial and error to find which tulips will perennialize rather dependably. I am hoping that 'Shirley's Dream' will be one that does. 2007 was the first year for these.
Narcissus are my all round favourites, and we have many varieties(75 or more). This group of a pink one named 'Accent' did very well last year. Prepared space is getting to be quite scarce. One little trick which proves to be space worthy, and quite aesthetic is to plant "bulbs on bulbs".....little bulbs like Grape Hyacinths, Anemones and crocus can get planted on top on deeper plantings of tulips, hyacinths or narcissus. They will bloom at the sane time or in sequence. An example would be the Anemone blanda with these purple Hyacinths.
Perhaps after Bill's new venture on the back hillside there will be spots that "need " bulbs another year.
The plan for this lower area near the Rhodie nursery bed is to move some rhododendrons of named varieties, or at least chosen ones, so they have some elbow room.
Tissue culture plants, and some returned rooted cuttings of our own plants need to be moved in the spring. There are a bunch of these at the bottom of this 2005 nursery area that are getting too shady on the east side, and are starting to lean!
This is the 2004 nursery bed in July, 2007. growth this past season has been very good, and quite a few of the 3-4 year-old plants have flower buds. These plants came out here in the spring of 2005, having been grown as seedlings from the fall of 2004.
The "teenagers in the the nursery" syndrome is forever plaguing us.


jodi said...

Oh, you're WAYYYYY ahead of me, Sharon...I was going to do planting today, after Remembrance Day service...but there's at least 3 inches of wet soggy cold frigid SNOW out there. Oh well, it'll melt and dry off soon....

Sharon Bryson / Bill Wilgenhof said...

Hi Jodi:
You found me!!
I was going to alert you to my Blog efforts when I thought I was "under control"!
I have been trying to be restrained this year in bulbs numbers...seems to have worked.
I have been very uninspired the last few days!