Monday, November 5, 2007

Post "Noel"

We are now spending part of this day cleaning up some debris, from the windy, rainy onslaught of the storm "Noel". We were not seriously impacted by this storm , although it was definitely a "good blow". We didn't get as much rain as some areas of Nova Scotia, our power was off for ~17 hours. The inconvenience of no power was somewhat offset by our new little generator.....a loud , stinky little machine, but still quite useful!
The wind damage was mostly restricted to the downfall of two quite large white spruce in the front yard. One is still quite hung-up, so it may require a bit of effort to get down. Hopefully James, with chainsaw in tow, may deal with it by the end of the week. Bill spent time cleaning away the debris, and trimming the branches to yield quite a large log. One of the willows at the bottom of the drive lost quite a large branch. Considering that the tree is not in very good shape, it is amazing the whole thing didn't fall. A catalpa in the backyard shows quite a tendency to lean, so don't know if it can be persuaded to stand up straight or not. The ground is bulging

It is amazing how the Japanese Maples have kept their leaves inspite of the heavy winds, and the fact that it is November.

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