Friday, November 2, 2007

November- the least favourite month

This Blog is starting now in early November, a month which brings out the worst when it comes to garden ramblings. The need to do things before winter, the lament of shortening days, never make for much productivity. Fall ,thus far, has been very gentle, and we have gradually performed some of the pre-winter tasks here in our garden. The garlic is planted, the bulbs are mostly planted, the begonias are "harvested", the leaves are raked,

and we have a brand new supply of horse manure. There are still jobs to do....peonies to be cut down, perennial beds need tidying, a host of stray plants need to be stowed in the "ditch". We are also anticipating some very nasty weather on Saturday. The only hurricane of the season to be predicted for Nova Scotia. A rather wintry name is hurricane "NOEL".

We also have to remember to turn back the clocks to standard time tomorrow night....a week's delay was to have served some purpose.

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