Sunday, August 3, 2008

OK, so we ignored the month of July!

Time seems to fly once summer gets here in earnest.
July flew by with no blogging done.
It was for the most part a very hot, dry month for the garden, and the gardeners.
We got rained on towards the end, which was a saving grace.
Daylily season seems to dominate these days, but we are looking forward to a wonderful August display of Oriental type lilies.
Each year we try to keep track of the daylily bloom, and since there are quite a lot, that is a job.
Here is a link to some of this seasons "bloomers". There are some to come yet.
One nice interesting bloom came on a seedling from Canadian Border Patrol.
The CBP daylily is a beauty, but doesn't seem to be endowed with the vigour of many others.
We have lost several over the last two winters, and have only a couple left.
I think it is the only daylily we have ever grown that seems to "pack it in".
There is a "look a like" called Edge of Darkness that seems a bit stronger. It is currently "struggling" to maintain itself in spite of me! It needs to be moved to a good spot.

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