Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Garlic Harvest

Last Thursday proved to be a bit on the dry side amongst many wet days, so we decided it was time to harvest Garlic.
It isn't such a big job, and is overall quite an enjoyable task.We grew several known varieties of Hardneck garlic, one group of unknown hardneck, and a few softnecks of unknown origin.
In this wheelbarrow load are the named ones, and the softnecks.
I just hose off the residual soil and lay them out in mesh trays.
The variety in this pic is called Wyndvale Heights.....quite a nice one we got from Garden Import a couple of years ago.
Unwashed.........washedThe tray are set up on tables under the front overhang of the house, and left to dry. These are the miscellaneous hardnecks.Somebody's "head"...The tops and roots will get trimmed as they ripen and dry.
Overall we find the hardneck varieties seem to perform better than the softneck, but that could be "variety related". I think if I neglected to plant softnecks, I wouldn't miss them too much.
We now have the lovely wafting of 'eau d'Allium' coming in the front windows! A bit of contrast for the very strong lily perfume coming from other parts of the garden.

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