Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

During the last several weeks, we have had a very generous cucumber harvest.Most days I would find the occasional cuke that I considered too big, so these I heaved over the back fence.
Our dog Jodi thought this was a fine game for a dog with some retriever instincts, so he would invariably go tearing off after the cuke; and, as often as not, bring it back.
The last few days on our garden visit, I have not been picking cucumbers, so yesterday Jodi decided he would pick his own.It was quite entertaining, and I took a few pics....some were a bit too "in motion", but you get the idea.Making his choice.....
Vine pulling to get it released.Settling with the prize.
A bit of knawing....he never totally eats them. He seems to prefer beans.Cuke somewhat edited....

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