Friday, June 27, 2008

Nearing the middle of June

The catch up for June continues.
There are always many gardening chores for the entire month of June that one often wonders if they will all get done.
Bill spent quite a bit of time getting areas ready for vegetables (here and there!), and plantings of Buckwheat. The potato crop looks quite good so far.
The grass always seems to be needing a haircut. We finally got our "birthday" Pine planted in its destined spot.
Tomatoes were planted, and no frost befell, so that was good.
The nights stayed quite cool for a great part of the month, but we haven't had any frosts.
Peppers and basil finally got to stay outside.
We have been planting peppers in planters for the last few seasons. They seem to do a bit better "in captivity" than in the garden. It also makes getting the hot peppers ripened a bit easier.
We always do a few planters for decorative purpose, so those needed to be done. They are settling in quite nicely by now. The barrel by the road looks quite decent.
All the chores were accompanied by the rapid progression of bloom in the garden
Azalea season started well and will be quite good until the end of the month. These coral azaleas are always very eye catching.Every year it seems the azaleas are ever faithful. Perhaps they deserve a separate posting.

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