Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nosing towards April

This almost last day of March is wonderfully mild after a few very cold, snowy days. The snowdrops are looking a lot happier than they were a few days ago!
Most of the recent new snow has disappeared and hopefully the forthcoming rain will be warm enough to remove the remaining patches.
The edges of several beds in the back garden are still snowy.
Navigation down those hilly areas is still a bit tricky.
It would seem to be a rather "nosey" type of day.
I was surprised to see the Crown Imperial Fritillaria poking through. Also a few Allium....they seem to pop up everywhere!
The rhubarb always looks ready to proceed.
There are quite a few patches of crocus brightening up the day, with many more still in the "nosey" stage.
The winter appears to have been quite kind to all of the rhododendrons and other evergreen plants.
These little plants in the Oak bed have come through unscathed, as have the Janet Blair/ pachysanthum plants in the Holland bed. Some of them often get some winter burn.
The first of this season's seeds got planted yesterday. We will have to get back in the "checking under the lights" mode.
It has been a bit of a toss-up whether Bill would rack off blueberry wine or go out to do a bit of raking.
The trees have deposited vast quantities of debris in various parts of the yard.

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