Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marching towards Spring

This is the first beautiful sunny day we have had in awhile. It seems possible spring might not be too far off. With temperatures just above freezing, the sap should be flowing today. The fine folks at Sugar Moon Farm in Earltown are likely "in business".
All in all this winter has not been too onerous.
February really went by without huge wintry incidents and temperatures were quite mild.
Seed orders have been sent off and actually received in some instances. This winter we have not had any seedlings on the go, so a spring start will have to do.
We have been quite busy getting the first round of seed orders for The Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Soc. packaged up. and mailed out. The 2010 Seed Exchange is now open to the public, and will be until ~April30, 2010.
The list has been updated to show any items that are sold out.
Magnolias have been very popular this year.
We still have not been able to get Highspeed internet service, so have been going along at our usual snail's pace. Being in a "signal hole" is not a nice thing.
We had quite long periods when the heavy snow and ice crept off the roof in an approximation of an avalanche. 
Every once in awhile there would be a roar as large pieces fell. The chickadees were always in an ice shadow. 
The remnants have been melting a bit day by day. Quite big icicles are there now. There hasn't been a day warm enough for the whole bulk to fall.

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jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Sorry about the snails pace interwebs. So much for that lying loser Rodney's promise about Internet to all of rural Nova Scotia by now. Thankfully the small local business that provides cable in much of the Valley chose to put it in over here for us.