Saturday, March 29, 2014

We've Been Published

Last June we agreed to have a photographer come from Garden's East to take photos for an article to be written by Nova Scotia author Niki Jabbour. Those photos were taken ~ June 15th, so our rhododendron and azalea season was in full swing.

Niki contacted us about details for the article and after a couple of Skype sessions plus a preview of the text, we were informed the article would be in the April issue of the magazine.

We received several complimentary copies of the issue just yesterday. It is entitled "Highland Heart Haven", and should be on newsstands in a day or two.

After some misgivings prior to this, we were very pleased with the end result. We had contributed many photos as supplements to those done by Adam Gibbs. We created a Photobucket Album with several sub-albums for a variety of images from our garden over several seasons. If you follow the link above, the main album comes up and the sub-albums are in the list to the left. Clicking any image will bring up a larger version and the option to view full screen or as a slideshow. Most images have a fairly good description, as we were asked for captions.

The article is an interesting blend of images taken by Adam and those we contributed.
It is always interesting to see our surroundings through the eyes of another and the magic of publishing.
The article seems to be printed in both The Garden's East and the Garden's Central versions of the publications. Here is a link to an excerpt.

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