Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 2014 Has Very Little Resemblance to Spring

Winter here in Nova Scotia has seemed a bit interminable, but I suspect it really isn't much different than many years. We are always impatient for winter to end.
We did have a few tiny snowdrops poking through, but they have been buried in new snow.

We were blessed with one of the most potent storms of the year this past week, but subsequent to that the nearly foot of new snow has melted away very quickly. 

Some rain and milder temperatures helped. This all means we will have mud on some pathways for awhile. It is marginally better than ice!

There are still considerable mounds of snow on most of the garden areas.

We have been a bit busy with seed orders for the ARHS Seed Exchange. The bulk of those have now been dealt with, although technically we could still get orders until April 30.
This is a little overview of our "output". There have been just under 400 packages prepared. Not too bad, but it would be nice if some more of these seeds could be utilized.

We managed to get some seeds sown a few days ago and the first things are sprouting. The usual candidates of peppers, basil, petunias and a couple of new things. This is a snippet from the "Planting Calendar"

Another few Petunias seeds should be sown today.
The order of sowing is pretty much the same year after year.

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