Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring 2012, day one.

Spring is here with a vengence, the temperatures are in the high teens and snow is retreating about as fast as it could. 

The fresh snowfall we had last Thursday is nicely disappearing.
Going for a walk all the way to the back garden still requires a bit of caution.
I took the less steep route, not really wanting to slither downhill in an undignified fashion. 

The little Witch Hazel bushes are in bloom. They are seedlings of H. mollis, and while not overly flambuoyant are pleasantly fragrant.

 Snowdrops are in bloom, but no crocus color just yet. It is always interesting to see just how quickly they pop up after the snow retreats.

Our purple Hellebores will be quite awhile and the other groups are still snowy. 

The pond is usually full at this time of year, still lots of ice.

The sun was bright and the rhododendron leaves were very shiny. It doesn't appear there was any amount of winter damage, although I spotted some leaf tip burn on a new plant near the pine trees. 
The "Bear Cubs" are looking quite happy in spite of their snowy surroundings.

This is a small R. dauricum seedling which will among the first to bloom. They will gradually lose their dark purply winter color. 

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Jessica P. said...

Beautiful snowdrops!