Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to Reality

We really did enjoy those few days with temperatures in the mid-twenties, but now we are back to the real spring. Well below freezing last night and a cold wind blowing today. The sun seems like a moot point.
We did a few outdoor things in the last few days.
Bill started his annual rake up the sticks campaign. It is truly amazing how many branches from birch trees can be deposited here and there.
I did the usual massacre of the grape vines....such a waste of time, since they really don't do much anyway. One PeeGee hydrangea got pruned. These pruning jobs seem like a safe way to get at some outdoor jobs.
Bill has eyed some black knot in the plum trees , so that will need attention very soon.
The spring blooming Heaths are blooming. We have very few. One quite large patch of pink and a little bit of a white one. If they had ID's , they are long gone.

It was cool enough yesterday that the crocus had gone back to sleep.
The snowdrops don't seem to mind the vagaries of these spring days, They continue to pop up everywhere.
Since it is forecast to remain quite cold for the next week or so, I expect it is time to get some seeds started under lights. This is usually the week I start peppers, parsley, basil and celeriac.


Telegraph Tea Room Garden School said...

how are your seeds doing I wonder? Seedlings now and may be in the ground! I need a follow up! enjoy your lovely garden.

Sharon Bryson / Bill Wilgenhof said...

Seedlings are pretty well into the hardening off stage. Not quite ready for the full outdoor experience. We have been too busy anyway, what with plant sale foolishness!