Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Not So Great Electrical Adventure

Sunday, Oct30th saw north eastern Nova Scotia being treated to an early season NorEaster. Most of Sunday was wet, but not very stormy. That seemed to change in the evening when strong winds came up. About 8PM we heard  a terrific bang and the power went off. When we investigated, we discovered the entire electrical mast and meter had been torn off the house and the power pole in the front yard was down. Further investigation saw quite the destruction of our electrical panel.

A large branch from a maple tree had fallen on the power lines and pulled down our old and somewhat rotten pole.

James found all the external bits about 50-60 feet down towards the gully.

Our plight was reported to NSPower via our neighbor's phone since the phone lines were lying on the ground as well. Late that evening one of the willow trees completely uprooted just as James was driving down the driveway. He had his chain saw, so cut away part of the blockage then and there. He removed the rest  the next morning.

An electrician was lined up to inspect the panel first thing Monday morning. That resulted in the need for an entirely new installation of both internal and external electrical stuff.
By late afternoon the new panel and associated parts were installed and inspected by the NS Power rep.
We were heartened to also see the big truck bearing a new power pole arrive mid-afternoon. We were somewhat concerned how this access to the pole site might happen without cutting down more trees or totally wrecking garden areas.
The tracked excavator was able to travel up the driveway, around the front lawn and "park" just above the gully bed to deliver the new pole and remove the old one. 

The lawn received some "tracking", but this wasn't too serious. Bill went out yesterday and raked things smooth and tamped it down a bit. New grass will grow!

Remarkably, he managed not to demolish one of our favourite rhodies or a couple of Hydrangea.
Hole #1 was dug where the old pole came out and the pole lifted and put in place and back filled. I suspect there are some rather dishevelled Oriental Poppies in the immediate area!

Hole #2 was dug to install an anchor, the hole is about 5 feet deep.He managed to insert this in the bed rather than the lawn, so it may not be so "in the way". Aesthetic, it is not! Maybe I will paint the bright yellow sleeve green come spring.

The upheaval to this bed may have been a mixed blessing, since we have been trying to get some renovation done in this area.
It was late Monday and the Power guys hadn't come to hook up the new wires, so we spent another night in the cold and dark. Our generator didn't get used, but the fridges and freezers fared all right. Some camp stove coffee making was about the only heroics involved. Our neighbor very kindly invited us for supper on Monday. Our darkened house didn't see any Halloween visitors except Ava for a few minutes after her visit to town.
The linemen were on deck first thing Tuesday morning and very efficiently installed the new wires. 
We were powered up by about 9AM.
Telephone service has been scheduled for repair Wednesday afternoon. All in all we were glad that no more damage was done.


Pauline/Bernard said...

You should have called (via a neighbour). We would have been out with cheer etc.
Pauline & Bernard

Woodlands and Meadows said...

What an adventure. We lost power here also, but just for 8-10 hrs. Nothing compaired to yours. At least the grass will grow back and now you have an excuse to plant more. Jane