Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Early Season Snow

Here in Antigonish County we received a very significant snowfall yesterday and overnight. November storms aren't all that unusual, but this was a bit much.

The temperature has been zero or below, so the full load of snow hasn't yet fallen from the roof. 

Clearing the walkway is somewhat of a waste of time until the snow comes down. Some of the overhanging snow came down , but not all.

It also appears that our installation of a protective roof for our internet receiver seems to have done its job. 

We are putting off going out to clear off the car and BBQ for awhile yet.

Our neighbor who clears our driveway had been here already, even though no snowplow has been through.

Bill's tractor is under a blanket of snow. It will get parked in a snow-free zone later on. This is a bit early to declare no more tractor use.

Similarly there seems to be a wheelbarrow parked here somewhere.
It is also amazing how the dark, dreary day gives pictures which are essentially black and white!

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