Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Spring is officially here as of Sunday past, but it has been a very cool few days and nights. The snow is slowly receding. 
The snowdrops have fulfilled their role as the first harbingers of spring, with some crocus in a snow-free bed not far behind.
James has decided to tap a few maple trees and make a little maple syrup. The theory being that Ava should know from whence the syrup for pancakes comes.

The sap flow hasn't been too speedy with all the cold days, but enough for one "boiling down" session.

An old metal barrel was found to house the fire, a metal grate for the top, and lots of wood to keep it going.
We are finishing the first syrup in the house. 
We strained the boiled down sap through a rinsed J-cloth before finishing the boil.
Here is some of the finished product, ready for Ava's pancakes.

I expect it is almost time to pay a spring visit to the Sugar Moon Maple Farm up in Earltown. Their procedures are a bit more refined than ours!

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