Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Day of March - First Garden Walk

We have finally been blessed with a nice, sunny, relatively warm day. I decided to try for a walk through part of the garden out back. It is still an interesting mix of snow and bare patches.
There is a lovely little patch of Crocus "Tricolour" blooming near the house.
I guess you could call this a "circle of sedum" along the path.
 The Octoberfest bed has a bit of one end bare so there were Crocus ancyrensis up and blooming there.
They are always the first to emerge as the snow retreats.They are brighter than bright!
The rhododendrons and azaleas are still very buried in snow in many places. This azalea is quite bent over. Hopefully it will spring back up when the snow leaves. I didn't look too closely to see whether there were broken branches.
These rhodies in the 2003 nursery bed and beyond are still basically buried. It would appear there may be almost 2 feet of snow in a few places. A walk in that direction can wait.
The potato pit also looks like it will need several more warm days before it could be accessed. We typically gain access during the first week of April(stay tuned!).
Some of the rhodies in the oak bed are looking very nice, and overall there doesn't appear to be any winter damage with respect to burnt leaves. This is a lovely indumented little plant grown from some no-ID seed . It is likely a R. pachysanthum cross.
Rhododendron 'Northern Starburst' is looking very good. Most of the center part of the Oak bed is bare, but still snow along the edges. Note there is a  teeny rhodie still surrounded. I expect that is one of John Weagle's diminutive crosses.
James is busy boiling down sap again today, after a bit of a hiatus due to several very cold days with negligable sap flow. Today and tomorrow ought to yield reasonable amounts.

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