Thursday, May 29, 2008 we really have a favourite?

The tulips seem bent on having me change "my favourite" designation.
This new one called 'Akebono' bloomed in the last few days. I think it is quite spectacular. I was surprised at the height, expecting 18", rather than the ~24". Most years 'Ouilliles' is near the top of the list, and she still is lovely. Shirley's Dream is making a nice appearance....shown here with an oak trunk. This is a new group of very dark red ones called 'Peter de Leur'....I haven't seen them in full sun yet... Normally I would have come right out and declared 'Spring Green' to be "the" favourite, BUT..........who said we could be decisive! This late , elegant, quite perennial tulip goes with everything. We plant a few more each year.
'Rajka' is quite unique, and has a lovely blue interior...
I always call this one the "Blush" tulip, the name is long gone, but the tulips persist in spite of any lack of care. It still seems to require a bit of trial and error to select tulip varieties that will dependably "perennialize".

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quu said...

Hi Sharon and Bill!

I found your blog, when I was finding information about Tulip called 'Spring Green' and I must say - what a lovely tulip it is.

Shirley in one of my favourites, but this spring tulips didn't bloom very well (not even new bulbs), because winter made many tricks to plants.

Thank you for your lovely pictures of plants and garden :)

Best wishes from Finland,