Sunday, January 13, 2008

January Thaw

This last week has been quite a change from our very wintry days. Snow has literally melted before our eyes. From the very snowy views of the previous days we go to bare ground.
We always have a "meltdown" of snow from our roof....
.... more like an avalanche many times. We have had the progression from Ice & Snow .....
..... to Mud and snow. Lots of dirty footprints to contend with. Even the pond has a bit of surface showing.
Here is the back view as of Saturday.
A walk around was quite doable without wading through much snow. It is interesting that the further back we go the more snow there is. It isn't a bad thing to still have a reasonable blanket over the rhodie nursery beds.It makes it easier for Jake on his old arthritic legs!....not to mention Bill!There are lots of greenery bits in evidence...this moss being most vivid. The rhododendron buds were looking very perky, and we can only hope we don't get too much extreme weather that might "do them in" before spring.

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