Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Bit of Spacing Saw Magic

Plants seem to often continue growing year after year without much useful intervention from us. Most springs it is famous last words that say "we really should prune/trim/eliminate" that one.
Such an out of control plant is a Barberry tree/bush which was getting very large and intrusive. I think I knew which one it was, probably the European Barberry(B. vulgaris). It has rather pretty, smelly yellow flowers in June.
It usually forms some red berries that persist  into the winter. 

It also boasts very vicious thorns.
I invited James to use his trusty spacing saw and cut it to the ground. I have no idea whether it will grow back from the base or not.
It took only seconds to level the thing and be left with a bunch of branches and the stumps.
I do know I will have neither time nor energy to dig out the stump. It has very peculiar yellow stems.
Where is a back hoe when you need one?

While we had both a machine and an operator, we had a couple of volunteer hardwoods taken out of the rhododendron area at the north end of the house. 
These things sneak up on you! They were getting a little big for loppers.

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