Friday, December 17, 2010

No More Excuses

I have been putting off "blogging" until we got high speed internet. That momentous event happened yesterday, so I guess I now need to play catch up. The fall is pretty much behond us, Christmas is looming, winter hasn't been too obnoxious yet, so I guess all could be said to be "well" I did a cusory rearrange of the Blog design, but I think it may need some serious tweaking. We have a new dog in our house since Halloween. "Grace" may be with us for awhile, but she is technically a friend's dog. She and Jodi seems to get along fine, but they make more noise as a duo. Christmas preparations are going along without much fanfare. The tree is up, but no presents have been wrapped. I usually do minor decorating, so that isn't much of an issue. We are going to The Christmas Potluck at my former workplace at StFX this evening, so I made a cake.
A lovely Browned Butter Pumpkin Layer Cake.

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