Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Resurrection of Sorts

We have had a rather long recess from blogging. Winter seems to have a dampening effect upon the "creative spirit".
This Blogger site has also proven beyond my patience in its slowness to load.
Perhaps as the spring progresses, so will the possibility of eventually being able to get Highspeed Internet service.
The days are lengthening, Daylight Savings has happened, and there are some signs of snow and ice receding.
The first seeds of spring have been sown, and a couple of lots are sprouting.
Our winter has been rather devoted to "seediness", between sending off samples of our own "saved seeds" to quite a number of people from all over Canada and administering the Seed Exchange for the Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Soc.
This is R. maximum, var. "Rubrum". A very nice variation on the theme. R. maximum is typically  a pale pink to white. Its greatest virtue, apart from hardiness, is its late blooming habit. 
We are even giving a talk to the Antigonish Garden Club this week on the "fun" of seed starting.
We found some useful resource material on Seed Starting Strategies from the Fine Gardening sites which we will use as reference .
The prospects of spring can be a bit energizing. Soon we will have to plan a little excursion to the Sugar Moon Maple operation.

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Ann said...

Glad to see you back, Sharon! I always enjoy the pictures of your beautiful garden.