Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December is starting in a wintry way.

December is only four days old, and we have already had snow on three or more.
Perhaps the prognostications of a "real" winter will come true.
We had a messy little storm last night, with wet sloppy conditions persisiting today.
The only thing that came of it was a cancellation of our planned trip to Halifax.
Snow persisited in some form for most of the day, but didn't make much accumulation.
It isn't even a particularly pretty day, snow-wise.
The dogs and I are pretty much staying in.
They to do their usual sleeping thing, while I am working on the Rhododendron Seed Exchange list.
Amazing how weather takes prevalence this time of year!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your area looks nice. I like snow. It might be because we don't have snow often so it is an event when it does happen.

Randy and Jamie said...

I've gone thru your blog and your garden is wonderful! I love the way you made all the paths and the trees are beautiful. I'm not sure I understand why the plants go in the ditch... does it protect them from freezing?